ONE® Super Sensitive™ 12-Pack,  Bundle of 3
    ONE® Super Sensitive™ 12-Pack, Bundle of 3
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    Description: ONE® Super Sensitive condoms offers the same strength as standard condoms yet greater sensitivity. ONE® Super Sensitive condoms feature 50% more lubricant than standard condoms. ONE® Super Sensitive condoms are available in the ONE Contest Collection.

    ONE® Contest Collection features 72 unique designs including winners from their Design ONE® Contest. Note: Not all designs may appear in every case or package.

    Bundle of 3 Retail ready 12 packs.


    Condom Fit: Regular
    Condom Style: Extra Lube
    Lubricant: Silicone
    Nominal Width: 53+/-2mm
    Nominal Length: >180mm
    Weight: 0.65 pounds

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