FC2 Female Condoms,  Bag of 100
    FC2 Female Condoms, Bag of 100
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    Description: FC2 Female Condoms® is a new second generation female condom made of synthetic nitrile. They are designed to improve affordability, particularly in large volumes, while maintaining the high quality, reliability and features of the original FC female condom.

    Case of 100

    FC2 Counseling Tips for Success:
    • Allow client to feel FC2 to become familiar with it.
    • Review female anatomy and physiology.
    • Review of birth control and safer sex methods using a hierarchy of options.
    • Provide counseling in either individual or small group sessions with other women providing peer support.
    • Provide tips for insertion, demonstration and practice on models.
    • Counsel the client that FC2 may be slippery to work with at first, but becomes easier with practice.
    • Remind the client that FC2 cannot be used simultaneously with a male condom.
    • Explain that extra lubricant may be needed and can be added to the inside of FC2 or to penis.
    • Be honest- It can take 2-3 times to be fully comfortable using FC2.

    Weight: 2.85 pounds

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